Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tennessee Grandkids Come to Town

They're Here!   We just can't get enough of these adorable kids, since they live 1800 miles away.  We're making the most of our time together, but I had to post a few highlights.
Aspen, age 9, wanted to learn about zentangles, so here she is doing her very first one!!  It's better than my hundredth one.   Since her Daddy couldn't come along due to work complicatiions, she hid little messages in this for him.   This was done with absolutely no help from me.   

Friday, May 7, 2010

A Quilt Too Long in the Making

For decades and decades, I swore I would never quilt.   HA!  NEVER say's a sure jinx.
My sister Ginny, who is shown here, is the temptress.  When we were both expecting our first grandchildren, she called with the info that her neighborhood church ladies were having a Quilting Saturday, and for $15.00, they would provide a pre-cut  I Spy Quilt, and we could stay and eat lunch and quilt.  That was my first attempt at quilting, and the oldest grandchild is now 9 years old.   After the first attempt, I decided to take a class, which was Buggy Barn Stars.   I taught Ginny how to "slash and gash" the pile of fat quarters, and she taught her daughter Kristy, who made these star squares.....years ago.   Ginny added the white borders, and then it sat, like so many quilts seem to do, in the UFO pile.  (UnFinished Object)   When Kristy was expecting her first baby, two years ago, I told them I would do the long arm stitching on it.   Ginny was supposed to do the binding, but now that Max is nearly two, I stole the quilt away and finally finished it.   Here is a very happy Ginny who drove the quilt to San Francisco, Kristy and Max.  Yea!  Happy Day.  One more UFO off the list.

Kristy wanted it quilted differently in every square, which qualifies as a custom quilt.   I am by no means a competent long arm driver, but all three of us spent the day laughing, and I think it shows in the whimsy.    All Ginny could say was,  "That quilt is soooo  Kristy!.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Group Zentangle and inspired friends

Last Friday I went to the art festival at Jeremy Ranch Elementary.  Here is the BIG Finish to the third grade group zentangle project.  Not bad for 8-9 year olds, right?   It's about 20 inches square and hangs proudly outside Mrs. Thompson's class.

And here are two photos from a husband and wife duo who were the most enthusiastic creative meditators.   They went home after the last class and produced these beauties for their kitchen.
George loved zentangles most for the meditative qualities, and Pearl loved the acrylic paints.
"No more second hand art".    Yea for George and Pearl.