Thursday, June 30, 2011

What If....?

It is said, the two most creative words in the English language are "What if....?".
While cleaning up the current projects, I decided to play that game on my flower practice sheets instead of throwing them away.   I combined that with calligraphy homework assignments, and came up with the following:

There's nothing so liberating as playing "what if" on all the stuff you're gonna throw away.   Guess I might keep them after all. 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Desert and it's hidden slot canyons

This post is slow in coming.   I kept hoping my (really good) photographer-family would put their (really good) photos on their blogs first so I could pirate them.   I guess I need to ask Josh's forgiveness for stealing from his.  I'm trusting he won't sue his in-laws for copyright infringements.   (Look HERE for more.  Then you'll know which pictures are his.)  Thanks, Josh.  Maybe when Al posts hers, I can steal some from her?)
We went to the Grand Staircase National Monument over Memorial Day, camping in the desert.  As you may know, the weather here has not cooperated this year.   It jumped from frigid winter to hot summer, bypassing Spring, bringing on flooding this weekend.  They're still skiing at Snowbird until the Fourth of July.   But I digress.   Back to the desert, which was blooming.
We hiked into Peek-A-Boo, Spooky, and Zebra, which are slot canyons.  Then we visited Devil's Garden, and experienced the ferocious winds that carved these formations.  Full force gale winds that day.   On the way home we detoured to Willis Creek, near Kodachrome Basin.    It would be difficult for me to decide which area was the most spectacular.   The only thing that could have made it better is having the Tennessee family there to share in the adventures.  They would have loved it, too.  (And those GIGANTIC marshmallows make really good s'mores!   We'll roast 'em when you get here next month.)