Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Dialogue about Blogging

Yesterday the post was about my love-hate relationship with blogging.   I received such wonderful comments, I decided to revise it.   My hope is that whoever reads it will offer some genuine thoughts about your experiences with blogging,  anecdotes, or insights into what feeds your blogging needs.   Anything you might offer will help raise the level of inspiration for all.
Consider this a formal invitation to respond....RSVP.    

June 29, 2010
"I have a love-hate relationship to blogging.   I love to peruse the great blogs out there, but sometimes it eats up my time.   I love to think I have a place to validate my accomplishments, but then I feel pressure to keep it up.   I love to read the comments people are kind enough to leave, but I always wish there were more.   I sometimes love to "step outside myself" and watch how I might express something on a blog, but then I feel narcissistic.  I think I have valid and valuable insights, but then I wonder who on earth would care.   It's the old tug and pull of trying to define self.   Who do I want to be, and why?   And does it matter to anyone else?  Or should it, even? "
[A good soul sent me the following email.    I'm adding the comments here, because every viewpoint adds to the whole....]
     "I am sad, I hope this break doesn't take long. 
 .... my joy comes from sharing, not in the end result of what people do with what I share.  Maybe that's how blogging is..... it's about a desire to share.  The downside is caring about what others do with what you share.  Maybe blogging is like Karma...... the more goodness you put out there the more goodness makes its way back.  You definitely send out a lot of good karma.... have faith that it will make it back to you."
Kass said...
Marie, blogging is ALL about narcissism. Sometimes I'm tempted to write a post that just says, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, and more me me me me me me. Look forward to your return and the new blog.
Jonathon said...
If blogging is about narcissism, then isn't all creative expression? No one creates in a vacuum; whether or not we want to share it with others, others will see our expression, and judge it. Blogging is a form of writing and authorship. And now more than ever technology has made it easy to participate in "The Great Dialogue."

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sheer Luck and Joyful Results

O. K.   There's something you need to know first.   I never, never go to yard sales.    I have so much stuff, I've been trying to de-clutter my own life.    In one of life's bittersweet moments as we age, my friend is needing to downsize, and when she called for help with her yard sale, I went.
The only way I can justify the reward I got, is to say we are recycling and reusing, and perhaps I am storing some items for her in my house.   These are the treasures I am loving.   A wonderful desk and craft cabinet, in beautiful condition, for which I paid  $80.  Closed, it measures 45" tall, 32" wide, and 21" deep, but unfolded it is 64" wide and 30" deep.  I can craft until the cows come home with all the storage.
   Be still, my heart.

 This beauty made my soul sing.   It comes complete with all the attachments, instructions, feet, bobbins and needles, and works just fine, according to Ellen, who sewed on it as recently as two weeks ago.   She showed me the lovely quilts her mother made on it, and told me stories of putting the needle through her fingernail, more than once. 

Thanks, Dear Friend, for my happy heart, and may you find the perfect abode in which to express your Essential Elegance.

And while I think I "stole" these  wonderful things, and I am joyful at my luck,  what I truly treasure more than anything are the wonderful friendships I have with so many diverse souls walking the earth with me.   In addition to my loving family,  that includes my blogland buddies who cheer me up and cheer me on.
Love to all.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Backyard Art, Fun and Games

We had the delightful pleasure of hosting the Tennessee Grandkids here for a month, and Grandpa was in his element outside.   As a lifelong Boy Scouter, he really shines when it involves nature, trees, gardens, ropes, fresh air and sunshine.   So for posterity's sake, here's a little photo proof of some of the fun for the little monkeys.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Auditioning Patterns

I have a special project in mind that requires aprons, so I'm trying out a few patterns.  They must be easy and fast and still have a bit of personality.   This apron pattern already loses on two of the criteria, but I'm posting the photos anyway, just to prove that I'm working on something.