Friday, March 12, 2010


(I need to apologize for adding the wrong hyper-link to the wordle reference.   I believe this is the correct one, so you could have a little fun typing in your poems or quotes.  So sorry.)

My friend, Kass, referenced a website called Wordle which is so much fun for word lovers. Give it a try. Here is my poem, titled Essential Moments. The great thing is, after you type in your poem, the program leaves out anything non-essential. Cool, huh?
I didn't put my own poem here because I think anything you write using the same words will be more valuable to you.   Your creativity is what counts.

Try writing some of your own, even if you just put in a list of your favorite words.  I think this could be the newer, smaller version of refrigerator poetry.  Just work from a list of words.   I think I'll do this activity with my Creative Meditation class.   Then I'll post their poems...with permission, of course.   Have some fun today.


Kass said...

Very cool, but where's the original poem?

Kass said...

Are you moderating your comments now? I wrote one a while ago and I can't find it. It said, "I want to see the original poem."