Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A fabric journal, a favorite to make

I still can't believe I pulled it off.   And yet, here is the proof.  It's a concertina spine fabric journal with my own hand dyed fabric inside.   The outside is a scrap of the quilt stash, and matched beautifully.   I rolled the spine beads from magazine pages.  Inside are 5 x 5 kraft envelopes, and I've tucked various papers inside, so when the urge to doodle strikes, I can have a choice of surfaces, from white, to black, to cream, to colored.

This little journal is easy.   Just fuse fabric to pelmet vilene or pellon, (I used Misty Fuse), zigzag the edges, Iron the folds into the spine, stitch tyvek strips along the inside spine edges, and glue the envelopes to the tyvek.  I added the beads when I was stitching the tyvek strips.
Have fun.  Whistle while you work.  Smile upon completion.  Fill with fanciful things.


Martha Lever said...

Oh SO fabulous!!! Thanks for you comment today!! Wow to retire in a year! With Lori, that might be possible. Her art os so absolutely precious. i think she is on to something with her Thumb buds!!! So cute.

Allison Watkins said...

WOW- I am stunned. Another over the top amazing creation. I know I shouldn't be surprised when you come up with this stuff any more... but this one is super impressive.

June Calender said...

Beautiful! I'm staring at the photos and re-reading your description but I don't understand how you did it. I don't have an idea how big it is either. Maybe I'm dense or slow but I'd love a slower step-by-step. It's so enviably lovely I'd like to make one.

lori vliegen said... are a creative genius!!! this journal is nothing short of spectacular!! i love everything about it! i think i would have to do an awful lot of whistling while i work to end up with something this magnificent!! bravo, girlfriend!!! xoxox, :))

Kass said...

Sheer artistic genius! And I own one similar to it. I feel so privileged. Thanks again and again.