Friday, September 3, 2010

It's Offishull---I are a ar-teest.

Well, I've denied for years that I'm an artist....because I've never had an art class, because I can't draw, I have no eye-hand coordination, and because I don't spend my time making art.  (those are my working definitions of an artist, I guess.)   Today I graduated from art class, with an official certificate. 
 And today, I got the gold star on my forehead for the best bullet, complete with tabletop reflections.   Wahoo.   I have arrived.
Now I have true confessions.   I didn't do homework except to make eight color wheels with various shades of the primaries.  And I cleaned my brush on a scrap paper, which looks like this:
Everyone decided this was the best work I did ever....Isn't that a compliment, when you're just messing around?
And finally, with the bizarre weather here that goes from 97 degrees to 49 degrees in 24 hours, this is a gorgeous double rainbow that appeared over our house. 

We didn't find the pot of gold....but now I know how to paint it.   I have arrived indeed.


Tonya said...

yes, I would say that you have arrived also! loving art myself, I totally understand this post and love it!

beautiful artwork!

June Calender said...

Being "official" must feel great -- but the artist was there before the certificate. Keep on painting, keep on enjoying.

Mary Anne said...

You are too fun! You live creatively so this is no surprise. Love your pictures!

Kass said...

You have always fit well within my definition of artist.