Friday, September 18, 2009

Work in progress report

Most artists doing a blog will usually wait until they've finished a project before posting. I, however, want to document progress, and some of you (all 3 of you, ha! ;-) might like to follow along.
So, here is the initial work on my batik projects.
First, I used my leaf cookie cutter to apply the wax. Then I gave it a dye bath in yellow. Next, I waxed some of the leaves to have them remain yellow, then I painted the other leaves with dye and allowed it to dry. You'll notice that some of the dye ran outside of the initial lines, bleeding onto the yellow. I'm not terribly worried (yet), because I will wax the rest of the leaves, and finally I will put it in a brown-ish dye bath to dye the background. We'll see if it works.

I painted these backgrounds with dye,
and then I will wax patterns onto them, overdye them with a darker color (reminiscent of your childhood days, when you used your crayola crayons to color a heavy background, then colored heavily over it with black, then scratched out a design. O.K. Not quite like that, but maybe you get the picture.)
Tomorrow will be the overdyeing day, so will post the finished project Monday.
Happy weekend.


kasscho said...

...can't wait, Marie. When can we do this together? Are you going to teach a class?
Love ya,

lori vliegen said...

i'm with kathy....i'd love a class in this!! your work is wonderful....i love your red, orange, yellow palette.... :))