Sunday, September 20, 2009

TA DA Finished!

I'm pleased to show off the batik project, completed on schedule as planned. I decided to change the blog template so the autumn colors wouldn't clash with the "show-and-tell".
Scroll down to review the backgrounds, so you can compare the results.


kasscho said...

Simply stunning! Congratulations.

Baodad said...

I'm amazed. Your leaf one looks like the one in your last post, but if it is the same, you would've had to re-resist all the leaves again after that first stage of batik, and then do the red. Wow. It really looks great! I like that you left some yellow spots.

Baodad said...

This is Sarah,
Those are Great! I love the leaves and the circles are so fun to look at. (really, I could look at them all day!)