Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sheer Luck and Joyful Results

O. K.   There's something you need to know first.   I never, never go to yard sales.    I have so much stuff, I've been trying to de-clutter my own life.    In one of life's bittersweet moments as we age, my friend is needing to downsize, and when she called for help with her yard sale, I went.
The only way I can justify the reward I got, is to say we are recycling and reusing, and perhaps I am storing some items for her in my house.   These are the treasures I am loving.   A wonderful desk and craft cabinet, in beautiful condition, for which I paid  $80.  Closed, it measures 45" tall, 32" wide, and 21" deep, but unfolded it is 64" wide and 30" deep.  I can craft until the cows come home with all the storage.
   Be still, my heart.

 This beauty made my soul sing.   It comes complete with all the attachments, instructions, feet, bobbins and needles, and works just fine, according to Ellen, who sewed on it as recently as two weeks ago.   She showed me the lovely quilts her mother made on it, and told me stories of putting the needle through her fingernail, more than once. 

Thanks, Dear Friend, for my happy heart, and may you find the perfect abode in which to express your Essential Elegance.

And while I think I "stole" these  wonderful things, and I am joyful at my luck,  what I truly treasure more than anything are the wonderful friendships I have with so many diverse souls walking the earth with me.   In addition to my loving family,  that includes my blogland buddies who cheer me up and cheer me on.
Love to all.


Jonathon said...

Wow!! What finds! A treadle sewing machine! I wish there were more things that ran without electricity these days. And a beautiful cabinet/desk!

Kass said...

Drool. Drool. Oh, that cabinet. Oh, the sewing machine. How truly wonderful. And how deserving you are of these marvelous things.

lori vliegen said...

oh my heart is beating so fast and my palms are so sweaty that i can hardly type!!! that cabinet is FAB-U-LOUS!!! i can just see it filled with all kinds of wonderful bits and bobs and fun creative doodads!!! congratulations on your wonderful new toys!! okay, i'm off to wipe the drool from my chin now.... xox, :)))