Monday, October 18, 2010

A Group of Tangles

At last!   Someone was kind enough to send me a CD of our workshop.  While much of it was li'l ole me, demonstrating patterns, a snap was taken as evidence we accomplished something.   And the dear participants made a beautiful thank you card for me, complete with zentangles on them. 
They did a mighty fine job.
Below are some of the projects we undertook.  They could make a little booklet, tangling either the inside of the letter, or tangling around the letter, leaving it blank.....for gold, maybe?

The second day of the workshop was adding gold leaf.  The stunning shine doesn't photograph well, but you can get an idea of how the gold adds a touch of class.  See the little zentangle on the left?   Just a nice line of gold really pops.  Jane H. is the artist on this.
This last one is by Nancy O, one of the fine calligraphers and artists in the group.


lori vliegen said...

oh, i KNEW your workshop would be a hit......and it certainly looks like it was!!! and i can't believe what a difference that little bit of gold makes....wowza!!

also, i hope you stick with your "peace-tangle" idea for this year's is fan-tast-ic!!!

xox, :))))

Kass said...

The creativity is astounding.

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie! I am so impressed!! This seems to draw wonderfully from your love of the illustrated manuscripts. (Remember The Getty?)
Beautiful work.

Mary Anne said...

HEY! that was me!!