Sunday, October 17, 2010

A tangled zen preview

My camera has died.   There is no hope for a resurrection, so I cannot post any photos of the UCA Zentangle workshop until I beg for copies from some of the attendees.  In the meantime, Jonathon, co-facilitator extraordinaire, has given me permission to show his work.   In his blog, he writes:
CAVEAT: If you are not familiar with Zentangles, this is not a good example of one!  For the following reasons:
  1. It uses color.
  2. It does not use ANY known zentangle patterns (called "tangles").
  3. It has an orientation (that is, there is a "right-side up" to it.
But for those of you familiar with Zen, this is what my Buddha Nature wanted to draw today.  What can you say to that?
 You can see what a very artistic and talented son I have, and I am extremely proud and grateful.
And as soon as I get a new camera, I'll show what my equally talented 10 year old (almost) granddaughter, Aspen,  created in the workshop.   Stay tuned.

I got a new set of graphitint pencils (Derwent), which I used to color this one.
Whether one is doodling in zen, tangling, or merely following one's Buddha nature, I hope you'll pick up a pen and have a moment to yourself.   Breathe, accept, let go......ahhhh.

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Kass said...

Looking at these tangley zen things did make me breathe differently!