Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays and Wishes to All; A Zentangle Christmas card

Just a peek at the finished zentangle-inspired holiday card.  It was fun to make, and exciting to see finished.  It was printed on a pearlized finished card stock, so it has a nice sheen, which you can't see.
I especially like the philosophy of zentangles, which includes "there are no mistakes."  Whether each stroke is perfect or not is beside the point.   The completed whole has it's own charm, with or without mistakes.  Thanks to my grown-up artist children for their help in accomplishing a daunting task.   Only they know how I agonize and fret, and they always come through with the perfect assistance.  
So, my own little reminder about holiday gift giving came from my very precious daughter-in-law, who sent a beautiful expression of gratitude and acknowledgment.  There is no more meaningful gift to give than to thank someone for being in your life, letting them know they make a difference, and they are valued.    My sincere wish is that YOU will know how much I value and appreciate you in my life, and what a difference you make.  This would truly be a lone and dreary world without the support of friends and family.   Happy Holidays, and may all your wishes come true.  (Note:  Be careful what you wish for. LOL)


Tony and Ann said...

The card came yesterday and is beautiful! Your talent shines through--thanks for sharing with us!

Kass said...

Yes, it came today. I'm showing it to everyone. I'm so proud to have you for a friend. Thank you so much for all you have done and all that you are to me. That post about my mother was read by my family and they really appreciated it (as did I).

Mary Anne said...

The fountain of creativity that resides in you continues to astonish and inspire me! My card came yesterday and it's just beautiful. Thank you so much my friend.

lori vliegen said...

your beautiful card absolutely sparkles, marie.....and it looks even more fabulous in person!! i'm so grateful to know inspire me in ways you'll never know!! sending you lots of choco-hugs for a fabulously creative new year!! xox, :))