Thursday, December 16, 2010

Music of the Season

It always bothers me when the stores start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween. Not kidding. Also, one of the radio stations started it's seasonal onslaught the first of November. Maybe in my old age, the Grinch has taken hold, and the Ghost of Christmas Present is visiting this Scroogina, because I prefer shopping online or not at all, to having to hear another version of "Holly, Jolly Christmas." So, I'm offering a list of my current favorite Christmas Music, to which I don't get tired of listening.  Voila, Here it is in no particular order.  The "mood" dictates.

Yo-Yo Ma and Friends, Songs of Joy and Peace
James Taylor at Christmas
Anuna Christmas Songs (The a capella vocal group of Riverdance)
Swingle Singers The Story of Christmas
Modern Mandolin Quartet Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite
Kim Robertson Christmas Lullaby Solo Celtic Harp
Sarah McLachlan Wintersong
Mary Chapin Carpenter Twelve Songs of Christmas
Tingstad and Rumbel The Gift
Windham Hill Celtic series
Kurt Bestor
Anything Cambridge Singers, with John Rutter
And our all-time favorite, John Denver and the Muppets.  
Thanks to Jonathon and Allison for the following suggestions.  Enjoy!

If you like Handel's Messiah, my favorite version is Narada's Hallelujah! Great Choruses from Handel, sung by His Majestie's Clerkes, a small vocal ensemble and an authentic instrument Baroque orchestra.
This year I also added Susan Boyle's Christmas album, just for the principle of it all.  I'll buy anything she does, just because.....maybe I relate. (except I can't sing like she does.)
Announcement:   This weekend, I will unveil THE Christmas Card, second annual Zentangle.  Stay tuned.


Kass said...

The only one I have on your list is John Rutter.

Great suggestions. I've been listening to KBYU all day and it's pretty good.

Love those Muppet clips.

Have you heard Sissel sing ABBA's "Like An Angel?" Go find it on YouTube. You won't be sorry.

Mary Anne said...

Thanks for the list. It's valuable info. I'm partial to Windham Hill's 'Winter Solstice'. (Had to believe winter hasn't started yet!)

I SO love the Muppets! My kids will love these videos.

Thanks! (I also love your quotes.)

S. Etole said...

Handel's Messiah is one I listen to repeatedly during the Christmas season ... it's so rich.