Sunday, January 23, 2011

The year is well under way, and I'm still not inspired to add to the blog-o-sphere, except to pass along some pretty amazing You Tube videos. 
(Oh, here I need to take a detour.  Last night we were listening to the joke/humor edition of Prairie Home Companion, a non-stop Laugh-In.    One joke we loved was:
Did you know there is a new social networking site?   You Tube, Twitter, and Facebook have all merged.  The new site is You Twit Face.  LOL.   Well, I guess you had to be there.  We thought it was hilarious.)
So, this year I seem to be focusing more on calligraphy, thanks to the few ladies who have taken me under their sheltering pens after the Zentangle workshop.  I found this wonderful You Tube presentation of the word  "MAGIC".    Prepare to be amazed if you're a calligrapher.


Tinkered Art said...

It is hilarious! Thanks for sharing but now have to get a towel to wipe off the monitor. teehe

Kass said...

I have some definite favorites here. So many of these designs would make amazing necklaces.

Mary Anne said...

Thank thee for sharing, Marie. It's terrific! I can see new fonts for the computer in our future. I particularly liked the mobile. Sad to have missed PHC's joke show. (I've been known to fall down campy!) :->

Jonathon said...

Thanks for this post! Some great calligraphy in that video!! "You Twit Face" made me laugh too.