Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog Maladies, Hyperactivity, and Bling

This blog is suffering from the same malady with which I suffer;  identity crisis.   It doesn't know what it wants to be when it grows up.   Part of the problem is in the definition I put down in the blog description, when I said I was random and chaotic, which is true.  I guess it only follows that the blog would also be a reflection of the perpetrator.   Focus was never my strong point, except when it was.
I come from a very crafty family, very artistic and creative...bordering on hyperactive.  (O.K., not even bordering, but firmly entrenched.  Sometimes I think the very definition of hyperactive is creative, artistic, [and of course, highly intelligent  ;-)  ])  We all have more ideas than discipline.  That's probably why we all married highly disciplined partners.
Enough of that.
Here's the fun part (where hyperactive individuals default).   My very talented, artistic, creative niece is designing jewelry, teaching classes, and building a wonderful business, called Making Jewelry FunYesterday I went to her Precious Metals Clay class and made the following charms.  It was a blast.   If you like pendants, her dichroic glass is gorgeous, and several of the class participants had designed beautiful wire jewelry from their own creations.  
Everyone else there was "into" the jewelry business, with Etsy shops, but I went for the reason I do anything:  I want to learn the process.  If you have ever taken a class from me, it's always about the process, never the product.  This time, the product was a bonus.  The reverse side of the charms is almost as nice as the front side.  The one that means anything at all to me is the lower left, which looks like hanging pea pods.  That was an impression of an old button from my dear departed mother's button collection, which was one thing all of us wanted.   I don't know who really ended up with it, but I didn't.  (whine).  I really wanted to make something for each of the grandchildren, but didn't think the boys would like the bling.   I tried to make an A for Aspen, but it looks more more like a computer @ symbol.  Now, the charms will suffer the same malady as me and my blog:  what do they want to be when they grow up?

Do stay tuned this week, as the zentangle valentine will be unveiled.   That product is pretty nice, too.


Kass said...

Did you imprint both sides of the clay? I can hardly believe these are clay. They look so metal. I love them.

Why would you worry about focus at this stage of the game? You are so random and creative. Why put yourself in a box?

Marie aka Grams said...

They start out as a putty-like clay, but when fired in the kiln, the filler burns away and you're left with 99% silver. The next class she's going to do bronze. xox
Thank you for your comments.

Mary Anne said...

WOW! They're SO beautiful! You are precious. Of course it's OK to do ANYTHING you like! Besides all your 'products' are REALLY lovely! These designs do remind me a bit of your zentangles.

Jonathon said...

You get to make the coolest stuff! They look amazing!