Monday, March 7, 2011

Fabric Books with friends

Last week, I got together with some friends and made fabric books.  We met at Sue Hess's Finishing School to use the sewing machines, and went to work.  Some of them wanted to use my tie-dyed and batiked fabrics.   Here's the photo gallery before they went home and added hand-rolled magazine beads.  

For those of you who want to know, we used a type of pellon interfacing called Pelmet Vilene, ironed the fabric to it using Misty Fuse, zig-zagged the edges, ironed accordion folds (concertina binding), and then sewed in the signatures of craft paper, intermingled with brown kraft envelopes.  They are quite fun, easy, and useful.   I think the participants were most astounded by their own magazine beads.


Kass said...

This looks so fun and your friends all seem so pleased with their creations.

Anonymous said...

Another REALLY neat crafty product! So pretty and a great gift idea. You have very talented friends. Thanks for this lovely posting.

Mary Anne said...

oops! that last was me :-{