Thursday, August 20, 2009

So much fun for baby.

A friend with a new baby boy came to town, so I made up some little onesies for them. These have some little knit pants in mottled navy to go with them. I hope Tennessee Luke enjoys them. I'm lucky to have friends who let me give away my hobbies.

I'll have more musings to post, after reflecting on Baodad's comment. I've learned a lot and I'll share what I'm thinking.
Dye in Peace.


Martha Lever said...

The onesies are darling!! When I was in South Carolina recently with my daughter we bought a tie dyed onesie and some tee shirts from a man who looked like Jesus on the side of the road. Of course we had to stop! But yours is cuter! It was amazing what he did though, tie dyed crosses and different shapes from the dye. I am so glad you mentioned the fabric markers! I actually should have mentioned that in the class because the markers on fabric are so much fun! I think any fabric brush marker will do fine as long as it is similar to the zig brush. Zig may even make one. I have also used calligraphy markers and that is cute too. Please let me see your results from the fabric and if you don't mind I can link you.

lori vliegen said...

oh my goodness....these little onsies are fabulous!! don't you wish that we could get away with wearing these....i guess the grown-up versions were the "body suits" that we wore back in the 70's, right?! hee hee

i can SO relate to your "getting unstuck" post! and the zentangles, wow!! what a super idea doing the reverse image!

thanks so much for visiting my blog....i really appreciate the very sweet comment that you left for me! :))

Martha Lever said...

Hi!! Thanks for your comment on my blog! Yes, Rosie is one of my favorites and sometimes I certainly turn into a Rosie wantabee. Weren't her paste paper books fabulous!!!?? Have a wonderful holiday!!!