Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Batik--On PAPER

The two above pieces are 6" x 8", and the ones below have been folded in half, so they measure 4" x 6". Sometimes it's hard to get a visual reference on a blog. Think small.

Still playing with hot wax. A work in progress, as usual.
These greeting cards are made just like fabric batik, with the tjanting tools. They are so much easier, though, because you can just paint the dye on, and no rinsing is needed. There are still a few "halo auras" where the wax shows through, but I'm getting used to them. Overall , there's a lot of possibility here. You might notice drips and splotches which, I have been assured, are desirable (probably for people who are messy and can't help it, and I fit that description).
A renowned calligrapher, Carol Pallesen, came to town for a two day workshop.
As usual, I'm the slow one. My very talented sister-in-law, local artist Kathy English completed many beautiful hand decorated painted designs. These are just a few of the 18 cards I made. As I complete them with designs and embellishments, I will post more.


Sue B said...

Marie these are awesome!

kasscho said...

Wow, Marie. I love your sense of design! These are beautiful!

Baodad said...

I love the fish!

lori vliegen said...

wow, marie!! i can't believe what a small world it is!! i own two of carol's beautiful batik cards that i bought from her last year when she was teaching a workshop in orlando! she wasn't teaching her batik workshop, yet....but, boy would i love to take it! don't you just LOVE carol?!! i've taken many many workshops with her.....she is such a lovely, giving, talented person! i'm so happy that you enjoyed her workshop....your cards are beautiful! :))

June Calender said...

Very beautiful cards. I had no idea one could batik on paper -- a whole new world has opened up.

Julie Bagamary said...

Your cards are wonderful!