Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Homemade Christmas

This year we decided to get out some UFO's (UnFinished Objects) for gift giving. John started a wooden chest for me several years ago, did most of the work, including the hand carving, but it got put away for any number of reasons, probably work and career, or house maintenance.
So, in the freezing month of December, with a hot cup of green tea, in his elegant workshop (the garage), he began the journey...again.
And he finished well before the last minute. Here is the heirloom on Christmas morn.

John is truly a professional perfectionist. He has rendered every detail with skill and precision, including the best brass hardware. He took the design from his favorite Saturday morning Guru, Roy Underhill, The Woodwright's Shop. When we placed the chest on the fireplace, I realized how much John had crafted for our house. In the photos below, you can see his collection of carved Santas, the Peace on Earth cover for the fireplace grate, but pay particular attention to the mantel itself....YES, designed and built by The Master Woodcarver living here. It is bird's eye maple, and behind the Santas you can get a glimpse of his own design carved there. Hopefully in his retirement, he can find more time for his craft. I do believe there's another boat in him. (Posting about his handcrafted canoes and kayaks will have to come another time.)

Thanks, John, for your thoughtful, beautiful gift which generations will treasure.


Kass said...

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant! I have long admired your mantel and now you have this perfect piece in the perfect place. The pine tree motif and they way it is put together - such lovely details.

lori vliegen said...

your new wooden chest is the most beautiful UFO i've ever seen!! how are all of the other handcrafted items created by your sweetie!! your mantle is magnificent, marie! here's to many new treasures in the the new year! hugs, :))

Mary Anne Hoffmann said...

That is a truly impressive work of art! Wow! You're right, Marie, about the birth of an heirloom. John, you are amazing!

Mary Anne Hoffmann said...

What a wonderfully beautiful work of art. John, you are amazing! Thank you for adding to the beauty in our world.