Sunday, January 17, 2010

Signing Off with Gratitude TTFN

The blogging world is an interesting place to visit. I've been traveling this road for a short while, and I've made many friends. Thank you to the ones who have left encouraging and uplifting comments, which I have greatly appreciated and cherished.
One of the reasons we do different things, or do things differently, is to learn and experience other ways of looking and feeling. As one wise counselor put it, "And all these things shall give thee experience." What we do with the experience is part of the free will we have been given.
I have gained so many insights into myself by blogging, and the education has been valuable.
The one I want to share today is this: When I look at the quality of my life through blogging,
I see that I spend a lot of energy checking the computer several times a day to find out
  • 1. If anyone's blog I follow has changed or been updated
  • 2. If anyone has left a comment on my own blog
Instead of doing the work I need to be doing, which is simplifying, organizing, or creating, I am scattering my energy in other places--the black hole of the computer. So, for now, may I offer my gratitude to you for visiting, and may I extend an invitation to you to check out the other bloggers I have listed in the sidebar. They have made my life happier, more creative, and more contemplative. They also list wonderful links on their blogs to very interesting sites and activities. Most of all, I want to invite you to actively participate and engage with the real live people around you, who need your smile, your support, your presence.
I'm signing off for now, to put my life in order. May you feel a deep connection to humanity, and may you know you ARE love---and loved.


Kass said...

Marie, you are thoughtful and brave. I totally see your point. I have used blogging to fan the flames of my writing and free up my ability to express myself, but I think I'm with you when I see that the projects I REALLY want to be spending the rest of my life doing, are suffering. Please, can we go to lunch (or breakfast) soon?

Sarah said...

Love you Marie!

Tony and Ann said...

I will miss you! This is how I've kept in touch with you, my friend. Since I only see you about once in a blue moon, I have read your blog. It's on Sarah's sidebar. I can also spend too much time on the computer, but when I am reading my kids' blogs, or someone else's (like yours), I am staying in touch. Since everyone is so far away, it seems that this is the best way to stay a part of someone else' life. When I call the kids, I might get a "Hi Grandma" from the grandkids, but with a blog I get pictures and commentaries on what's going on. Same with you. Maybe you'll reconsider the blog--just so I won't lose track of you!!

lori vliegen said...

always follow your heart, sweet friend!! i'll miss you and i wish you many creative days ahead!! hugs, :))

pcskiboy said...

You are my hero for taking a stand... stating the hard truth that our computers can not and should not take the place of face to face and voice to voice communication. I can already see the dying art of old fashioned communication.
Love you!

Mary Anne Hoffmann said...
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Mary Anne Hoffmann said...

Hello Friend, I'm so HAPPY to be able to hear your voice through your wonderful site, and I look forward to doing so face to face soon. Your watercolor is so beautiful! xoxo

Steph said...

Hi Marie
I'm glad you liked my postcard..keep in touch.