Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winter Sprinter Spring ? ? ? Before and After

Here is the quiz of the day......Which is the before, and which is the after?

The Answer......The beautiful top photo was taken two days ago, the lower two were taken 10 minutes ago (noon), and yes, they were photographed in full living color, outside, on my deck, April 29, 2010.We have 5 inches of snow here, with no let-up in sight.     I'm just sayin'..........

National Poetry Month is coming to an end  (and so is winter, we hope), and I've found a wonderful selection to share.
"The Book of Hours" by Joyce Sutphen

There was that one hour sometime
in the middle of the last century.
It was autumn, and I was in my father's
woods building a house out of branches
and the leaves that were falling like
thousands of letters from the sky.

And there was that hour in Central Park
in the middle of the seventies.
We were sitting on a blanket, listening
to Pete Seeger singing "This land is
your land, this land is my land," and
the Vietnam War was finally over.

I would definitely include an hour
spent in one of the galleries of the
Tate Britain, looking up at the
painting of King Cophetua and
The Beggar Maid, and, afterwards
the walk along the Thames, and

I would also include one of those
hours when I woke in the night and
couldn't get back to sleep thinking
about how nothing I thought was going
to happen happened the way I expected,
and things I never expected to happen did--

just like that hour today, when we saw
the dog running along the busy road,
and we stopped and held on to her
until her owner came along and brought
her home--that was an hour well
spent.  Yes, that was a keeper.


Kass said...

Beautiful poem. Time well-spent reading it.
Beautiful pictures. Yep, urine Utah.

Sarah said...

So, should we bring shorts or coats?

S. Etole said...

nature's surprises ... beautiful even when untimely

Martha Lever said...

Well goodness gracious---I would have never ever guessed that!!!! Thanks for your comment today!!!

Martha Lever said...

Thanks so much!!! We think he is a cutie too!!!