Saturday, July 24, 2010

Meet Lori Vliegen, the Amazing

    I have a new hero and mentor, and although I've never met her in person, she's dear to my heart.    I was introduced to her through her blog, which I "accidentally" stumbled upon,  but since I don't believe in accidents, I just think it was meant to be.    You get a glimpse of her heart and soul by browsing the elegant, eloquent simplicity in her art and message, and when I ordered several things from her Etsy shop, I was touched and amazed by her attention to detail and her generous showering of additional abundant gifts.   Each time I open a package from her, I get a sense of her essential goodness.   (I could go on and on, but you get the picture.)
    I love her work so much, that when I wanted someone to design a logo for a project I'm working on, not only did she heartily agree, I still can't get over the bargain I got for the professional quality.  I'm unveiling the logo now, because I just can't wait until everything is finished to show it off.   Her art is, of course, copyrighted, and my slogan is also, but we hope you'll feel the joy in it all.
Here's the fun part:   When I ordered a new supply of journals from Lori,  I decided to document the care and attention she puts into her packages.   The label:
And here is what came out of the box, all beautifully wrapped with hand made tags:
My new writing/musing/quote journal, a new watercolor portable journal,
and voila!  an extra handmade, mini matchbook-style book with our logo on it. 
 It just doesn't get any better than this.   I'm going to start a little shrine in my house surrounded by my lovingly crafted, heart-centered art from Lori.   She's the best!
Last time I ordered, she tucked in this little easel with the logo on it as a surprise.
   Here are a few other treasures:

Do check out her website and Etsy shop, and browse through her older posts as well.  It's all wonderful.  THANK YOU, LORI.


lori vliegen said...

awwww, marie!!! you have put tears in my eyes..... i would never be able to tell you how very dear YOU are to me!!! thank you so much for your friendship, sweet marie. i believe that everything has a purpose, too.....and it's no accident that our paths have crossed! you are an absolute sweetheart to post such beautiful sentiments on my heart is swollen with gratitude, precious friend!! many hugs, xoxox

Kass said...

Oh Marie, you're right. All of these things are precious. What a wonderful tribute and advert.

Martha Lever said...

Oh my goodness, sweet, sweet Lori!!!! I am so blessed to know her personally. She is so special as you can tell by her blog and the special care she gives to her packages. That what she does with her friendship--she packages it all with love. Thanks for your comment today. I usually use a KJV or NKJV or NAS so I am really not even sure where it came from!!!! It might have come out of a book I have called, "The Positive Bible", which is a collection of uplifting Scriptures ---(but to me it is all uplifting because it's God's Word!)

Ann-Margret said...

I just "met" Lori online this past weekend and have also found her to be as warm and lovely as her delightful artwork. (Yes, I'm cyber-stalking her -- well, photos of her work at least -- which is why I stumbled across this blog entry over a year later!) :D Now I think I'll go visit the rest of your blog. :)

Ann-Margret said...

LOL! I just realized that Martha Lever also commented on your post. It's a smaller artsy/craftsy world on the Web than I realized. :D (I just took Martha's Calligra-Fun course and have enjoyed interacting with her, too.)