Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thank you for the comments, the insights, the opinions, and the validation

I appreciate the time and thoughtfulness you all showed in helping me process some cloudy issues.   Every single comment added more depth and dimension to the conversation.  I'm looking into some core issues, and I feel it is valuable to hear from people who haven't known me my whole life, so aren't swayed by previous expectations.   I also appreciate my loved ones who contributed purely because they care. 
One more paradox to consider about this computer age is that in our high-tech world, we isolate ourselves from real people, yet being able to ask complete strangers for opinions does offer objective differences which might not be readily available.   I am deeply touched that you  made an effort to write.  I feel cared for and cared about.   In a dialogue or monologue or conversation, it is hard to "hear" the true intent of a written comment.   Seeing people face to face and feeling the connection does help, but on the other hand, sometimes the computer screen and it's anonymous nature is valuable for processing deep issues.
I hope you know how much I appreciate you.   I am finding a new focus and a clearer intent in my blogging adventures because of you.
All will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

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S. Etole said...

And that is a good place to be ... where all is well.